Deutsche Post DHL Annual Report 2012
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Annual Report 2012

DHL Express’ four regional hubs in the Asia Pacific region – Shanghai, Hong Kong, Bangkok and Singapore – link over 70 gateways located throughout the Asia Pacific region. The regional network is served by a fleet of over 40 cargo aircraft covering 40 countries and in addition utilises approximately 690 commercial flights per day.

  • The MegaHub in Hong Kong spans eight levels.

  • Alan Liu, General Manager, North Asia Hub in Shanghai.

  • The Shanghai hub sorts up to 40,000 documents and parcels per hour.

  • The MegaHub in Hong Kong is the most modern of its kind.

The Shanghai hub sorts up to 40,000 documents and parcels per hour.

DHL is the market leader in China

Today, DHL generates almost 20 per cent of its overall revenue in the Asia Pacific region. “DHL pioneered Express services in Asia,” says Ken Allen, CEO of DHL Express. “We tapped into the market and were the first international express company to enter China more than 30 years ago.” In the meantime, DHL has long since matured from pioneer to market leader in the Middle Kingdom – thanks as well to extensive investments in infrastructure and the service portfolio. The company’s yellow-and-red vehicles are not only a common sight on Chinese streets, but also on roads all across Asia. Today, Deutsche Post DHL has 472 locations, a fleet of 3,639 vehicles and a market share of 40 per cent in the international express business in Asia.

Expertise and trust are what counts

“We are the only company that can offer everything from a single source,” explains Dr Frank Appel. “In the past three decades we have built up a unique platform in the Asian markets and laid the foundation for the sustainable success of our DHL divisions.”

Even more importantly, “We have won the trust of our customers,” says Alan Liu, General Manager of the North Asia Hub in Shanghai. After all, Asian companies traditionally tend to handle their logistics and supply chain processes themselves. However, many underestimate the complexity of these supply chains and often there is a lack of needed trust. “We not only have to show that we have the best logistics resources and unique expertise in transport and inventory management, we also have to show that we are 100 per cent reliable,” says Mr Liu.

Opportunities exploited throughout Asia

This is how the Group plans to continue to grow profitably in the future as well – and not only in Shanghai. In July 2012, the Group opened its MegaHub in Hong Kong. There, the SUPPLY CHAIN division takes advantage of the former crown colony’s unique status as a special administration zone and free trade area. The Chinese mainland is only a thirty-minute drive away. With nearly 90,000 square metres spanning eight levels, goods from international customers are stored in the warehouse – the most modern of its kind. Lorries can drive up ramps as far as the ninth floor, four freight lifts connect the individual floors, and the latest fire prevention systems protect the goods.

DHL’s services also go above and beyond standard solutions: the MegaHub is more than just a warehouse. Tom Wong, Managing Director of DHL Supply Chain Hong Kong & Macau, explains: “The MegaHub allows us to meet a central need of our customers even better: by offering a comprehensive logistics service solution from a single source.” This is also because the EXPRESS division operates another facility, the Tsing Yi Service Centre, in the same building, thus allowing DHL to combine its services and better fulfil customers’ requirements.

Hub for Asia

The new express hub in Shanghai is something special, and it has the numbers to prove it: 88,000 square metres of space (the size of 13 football fields), an investment of 175 million US dollars, and sorting capacity for up to 40,000 documents and parcels per hour. Indeed it’s so special that the entire Board of Management of Deutsche Post DHL attended the official opening celebration in July 2012. “DHL Express’ North Asia Hub is a logistics milestone in our Asia Pacific network,” says Chief Executive Officer Dr Frank Appel.

Seal: DHL in China
Seal: DHL in China